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Recently, a friend told me about a great mobile App that I needed to check out. After using it for a few weeks, I am comfortable in giving you an honest opinion.

I am not one to get excited about an App unless someone I know sings its praises and think it will be useful. I cannot tell you the last time I downloaded any new Apps on my phone until I heard about this one.

What got the ball rolling and me downloading this to my phone was when a friend of mine was telling me about it. The enthusiasm she had for this App got me excited just seeing how jazzed about it she was. When someone is so passionate about something, the feeling is contagious. Generally, I trust no one and am very suspicious, but I thought of all the fun I could have with this App.

The whole premise of this App is simple– track your location, allow “family members or friends” to contact you and receive updates in reference to your current location. Using your GPS, those in your circle can “ping” your location.

Privacy Concerns

If you happen to be one of those people that are concerned about “big brother” tracking you, this is not the App you want. If you want to keep tabs on your family members (when I say family members, I use that term in general and it can be any one of your contacts), then here you go. You can also locate nearby hospitals, police departments, and fire stations. Read on…

So where was this App when I was raising my three children who are now adults? It sure would have come in handy. My kids were so computer savvy though, they would’ve probably turned off the locator option and it would have been worthless.

Installation And Testing

My friend and I really wondered if this would work or not and if it could be a valuable tool. We put it to the test. I installed it on a friend’s mobile and my own. I stayed at the location and she left. Tapping on the App showed it was constantly updating and telling me she was moving and where she was. It was really neat and I found myself thinking about all the people who I would love to track. Of course, I would need to add them first to my circles and have them download the App and accept my invitation.

Once the program is downloaded and installed (they need to accept the invitation) you can see their location, send them a message, and “check in” notifying them of your well-being. How cool is that? It kind of reminds me of that necklace that some seniors wear around their necks called Life Alert.

The only drawback I could see is accuracy. I have not had problems with it, but I have read where others have. I suppose if you were suspicious of someone and used it, and it was not working correctly, it could ruin a relationship. Again, I had no issues with it. I would’ve installed it on my husband’s phone, and I tried, but his is too old and would not support it.


The instructions are clear and concise.

If the phone is shut off though, it will not work. Also, if you turn off your location services, it will not work, either.

The installation was seamless. For an Android Phone, go to the Google Play Store and search for ‘Life360’. On an iPhone you would go to the App Store to get it. You can read more about it at the Life360 home page.

Free vs Pro Versions

Life360 is a free download, but like any App out there, you can get the Premium version. The Premium version is $5.00 a month or $50.00 a year. What you get for that is 24/7 Live Adviser to anyone who is a Circle Member of yours. You get a real person no matter what time of the day or night who can help in the event of an emergency. You’ll also get unlimited location updates for non-smartphones, unlimited Places, $100 in stolen phone protection, and expanded History data. Some features are not available outside of the US.

About the Author

Sherri Meinke

A long-standing Computer Geek with over 25 years of experience. Having owned her first Apple IIe and moving on up the ranks with a multitude of Windows-based pc’s to her latest toy, a Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet with Windows 10. Sherri repairs, upgrades, and recycles computers as well as consults, trains & designs Websites. She is a Former AOL Community Leader and loves forums as well as online training. She created the “Camp Wired” computer training program at the Medina County Library system, 8 years ago. It is a free computer education program teaching technology in a relaxed atmosphere where students at all levels get to mentor other students and grow in their knowledge and understanding of technology. This program runs year round with no signs of slowing down.

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