Lavasoft owners accused of nefarious deeds

Did you know that Lavasoft, the company responsible for development and distribution of the once very popular Ad-Aware, was acquired by a Canadian consortium in January this year? Well, I must admit, it was news to me.

Now, in a twist of irony, it appears that the new owners were once the target of Lavasoft’s wrath. In 2007 Lavasoft accused them of selling free versions of Ad-Aware through cyber-squatting sites – but it doesn’t end there.

According to the report, the consortium of online entrepreneurs purchased Lavasoft under the banner of an investment fund named Solaria, and the Solaria directors have now been linked to a whole bunch of sites renowned for poor ethics, porn, spyware, fraud and other downright illegal activities.

You can read through the full report HERE.

This is no reflection on the Ad-Aware software itself but if the charges hold any truth, then it sure raises some serious questions about the moral fiber and possible motives of the new owners. In my opinion, the fact that the author goes into great detail and would be open to a heavy law suit if the report were not factual tends to lend some serious credence to the accusations.

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