Kingdom Rush – Free online Tower Defense game

I am not a player of games, that’s a province I normally leave to my lovely wife. So it’s no surprise that I had never heard of Tower Defense type games. However, after trying this one out, I must say it is quite fun!!

Kingdom Rush is a free online flash game where the simple premise is to protect your lands from streaming hordes of fierce and foul interlopers. Here is an excellent review of the game from Dora over at the JayIsGames site: Kingdom Rush Walk through.

The game is quite easy to play; onscreen instructions and popup tips guide novice players through the various stages. Game play is pretty much of the strategic variety; you build your defenses and input your preferences ready for the first wave of attack. Enemies grow stronger and numbers increase with each new wave, and game play can get quite frenetic as you need to be continually strengthening defenses and applying fresh strategies in order to survive.

Kingdom Rush is certainly fun to play and I can see how it could easily become addictive:

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