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How to Use Words for Page Numbers in Word 2010

When you use the different tools that come with Word to add page numbers to your documents, they are inserted using fields. Now a lot of folks are intimidated by fields but they should not be as one of the great things about fields is that you can modify what they do with the use of switches.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Insert the page numbers in your document as you normally do.
  2. Select the field that makes up the page number (usually found in the footer of your document).
  3. Click Shift + F9 to display the field code rather than the results.
  4. After the field code, key in the following:
  5. \*CardText
  6. If you would like the spelled out word to use an initial cap, you would add the following to your field code
  7. \*Caps
  8. Click F9 to update your field code and display its results.
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