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Social Media is not the only way to share photos. There are safer and more practical ways.

Sometimes your photos are only meaningful to a select group of people. Being able to store and share groups of photos on a secure cloud service is often a better way. Then your photos are viewed by the exact group of people you choose and they are securely encrypted to prevent others from viewing them.

There are several Cloud Storage Systems that will do the job (more than listed here) and you probably have one of these: OneDrive, Google Drive, or Amazon Photos.

Each service offers a free amount of cloud storage and each offers varying options for upgrading your storage. Here is a quick run-down of options by service. Comments are included at the end.


  • 5 GB free with OS, upgrades of storage only are available
  • Upgrade to Microsoft 365 includes 1TB. $6.99 per month
  • Upgrade to 365 Family includes 6TB. $9.99 per month
  • Photos and any data files including video may be shared

Google Drive

  • 15GB free service with sign-up
  • Upgrade of 2TB. $9.99 per month


  • 100GB free service with sign-up
  • Free service must be accessed at least once per year
  • Upgrade to 10TB $9.99 per month


  • 5GB free with sign-up
  • Upgrade to Prime includes Unlimited Photo Storage with the Family Vault even if they do not have Prime. It also allows for the creation of groups for sharing with friends

Which Is Right For You

Each service offers basic free cloud storage but varies in size. Upgrading allows each service to increase not only your storage space but give you benefits in addition.

Microsoft’s 365 Family upgrade offers 6TB (1TB Per Family Member) for the same price as Google’s 2TB upgrade, for the same price Degoo offers a whopping 10TB of storage, and Amazon Photos offers unlimited Photo sharing.

Computers can easily store huge amounts of photos and by using USB storage devices you can store an unlimited amount but sharing your photos from your personal PC is difficult. PC drives are always vulnerable to crashing which makes Cloud Storage a great solution.


Most of the services mentioned have the ability to limit the way sharing is handled. You may limit privileges or give full access but Amazon does not allow you to limit access which means any user you share images with has the ability to delete, add or modify them. Below are instructions on sharing for each service:


  1. In OneDrive, click a folder(s) or file(s)
  2. Click Shareonedrive-steps-1-&-2
  3. Select “Allow Editing” if you wish the recipient to have the ability to add or delete photos
  4. Click Email and enter the name(s) you wish to share with editing abilities. You may add as many names as you wish, and they will all have the same editing abilities. You may also create a separate email list and give them “view only” privileges
  5. Include a message or leave it blank
  6. Click Share or choose the Copy link option. Then share the link by emailadd-addresses-and-set-privileges.

If you wish to review and manage who and what you are sharing:

  1. Click on the More menu icon (three dots on the top right)
  2. Click Manage access, and all sharing instances and privileges will be shown


  1. Access Google Drive through your browseraccess-google-drive
  2. In Google Drive, select the folder(s) or files(s)
  3. Click Share
  4. Enter the individuals you wish to share with
  5. Include a message or leave it blank
  6. Click on Send
  7. To view your sharing activity, click on the information icon and select “Activity”google-sharing-activity


  1. Access your Degoo Account through your browser
  2. In Degoo Cloud, select the folder(s) or file(s)
  3. Right-click and choose Shareselect-share
  4. Enter the email address or use “more” to access the additional applications provideddegoo's-opening-share-menu optionsselect-more-for-options
  5. Click on “Shared” at the top of the screen. A list of your shared files will be visible. Right-click and select Details to see the file details and your sharing and permission activityselect-detail-optionsselect-details

Degoo also offers an Album option that lets you organize your photos and videos for your family and friends. degoo-album-options

Amazon Photos

The Amazon photo app is slightly different in how they share photos. You may share them through the Family Vault where you may allow up to six family members (yourself included) to upload and share comments. Just like having your own private social media. You may also share your photos individually with friends or create groups where members of the group can add photos. You may use Amazon Photos from Amazon in your browser or download the mobile or desktop app. To use the Amazon site:

  1. Click on the hamburger menu icon on the far left
  2. Scroll down and click on Amazon Photos
  3. Select Amazon Photos again or use this opportunity to download the app
  4. After clicking on Amazon Photos you will need to scroll down and click on Sign in. Even if you are already signed into your Amazon Account
  5. Once your photos are open, click on Sharing in the menu
  6. Create a Group and select the photos you wish to share

In the Amazon app:

  1. Click on your account name
  2. Select “Your Photos” in the dropdown menu
  3. Follow Steps 5 and 6 above


Most people like to share photos of their favorite moments with their family and close friends. Each of these services can do that and more. Being able to create a Folder specific to your sports team and invite users from that team to view and add their own is a lot more meaningful than just adding them to all your photos that might include your family’s private moments. You may create folders or groups for your wedding photos, photos of your workplace friends, or any group of individuals you might want to share but isolate others from seeing them.

You may share a OneDrive folder where you invite five individuals and give them full privileges to edit or delete photos and use the same folder to invite others but limit their privileges to viewing only.

Each service provides complete encrypted security to store your photos making them not only safe from a computer crashing but secure while stored.  You already have access to some or all of these services so start sharing today. Note: Once you give privileges to an individual or share photos on Amazon which does not offer restrictions, they can be shared with anyone else by that individual, so if you have photos that you do not wish to be seen by others I suggest you select the “view only” option.

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