How To Share Your Location On WhatsApp


Some Apps have become indispensable and WhatsApp is one of them, far exceeding the capabilities of SMS and used by more than 1 billion people every day apparently, but it’s only recently that I discovered that you can send someone your location. It’s very simple really and here’s how to do it.

Open a chat with someone, tap on the paper-clip and select Location thus:

You can then either hit Send your current location or Share live location which has a time limit for how long it remains active.

With Share live location‘ you can decide how long you want the location to be shared for, which is an important consideration for personal safety.

As far as I can tell, sending your current location simply shows your location at that moment in time and doesn’t track you, unlike live location. You can of course stop sharing the live location any time within the live period.

This can be particularly handy if you want a close friend or family member to watch your progress during an adventure or similar. In fact, I was about to suggest that it could be useful if a person was lost, but nowadays that’s practically impossible if you have Google Maps at hand!


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