How To Play Wordle

I keep seeing people posting their Wordle score on Twitter and decided to check it out. I settled on this website called Wordle Game.

Go to their website and you’ll get the default 5-word puzzle. Your goal is to guess the word and you have six tries to do it. You can simply start playing from here or you can customize it a little bit.


The first button across the top on the left is one with the flag; that’s for changing your language.


The next one is to create your own puzzle word that you can send to your friends.


The three-bar one on the right-hand side is for your statistics. I’ve only played two games and won one.


Then there are the settings. You can make it harder, change to Dark Mode, or change the number of letters in your word by clicking on the Number of Letters at the top. The default is 5.


The last button, the i, is the instructions for the game.


How To Play

Guess a word and use the keyboard on-screen or your actual keyboard on your computer to type in a word with the set number of letters.

The letters will either turn gray, yellow, or green. They are hints to help you guess the solution to the puzzle:

  • Gray means the letters are not in the final solution
  • Yellow means the letters are in the final solution but not in the right order
  • Green letters mean they are in the final solution and in the proper order

If you win, in the settings you get a confetti animation dropping from the top of your screen if you have it enabled in the settings. Then you get a few options like restart, share results (why they keep popping up on Twitter), or download the puzzle image.


If words are not your game, you can also play with numbers. Go here: Numberl

It took me six guesses. My winning guess was ROAST. In the game I lost, the word was ABBEY.


FYI, they have a version of this on Facebook. Search for Daily Word Puzzle on Facebook if you prefer to play there.

5 thoughts on “How To Play Wordle”

  1. I always use the work AUDIO first and the often use the word pesky afterwards to cover the letters S E and Y.
    Then I try to find out the other letters by entering words that contain them. The ‘old’ Wordle had easier words, but I notice that the ‘new’ Wordle is using difficult words with rarer letters like X W V B Z – so if you have to guess then go for the rarer word!

    1. Thanks for the tips. I like to start with EMAIL but AUDIO seems a better choice. Get the vowels in there. Better chance at guessing.

  2. I usually start with the word “raise” or “arise”. Then I use the word “count”. Audio and Email sound like interesting choices I”ll have to play with. Thanks.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I like to mention that when you see a letter with a number on it in the right-hand corner that means that letter is there more than once depending on the number. I had a C with the number two – the word was CHUCK.

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