How To Pin Folders To Start Menu In Windows 11

It’s very easy to pin shortcuts to folders to the Start menu in Windows 11 but the feature is limited to a selection of folders as designated by Microsoft. However, the feature does allow for the most often accessed folders to be pinned, including most User folders.

How To Pin Folders To The Start Menu

Navigate to Settings > Personalisation > Start

Settings Personalisation Start

Clicking “Start” will open an options menu. Scroll down to and click Folders

Start Options Folders

Now you will see a list of folders that can be pinned to the Start menu

Start Folders List

Select the folders you want to pin to the Start menu by turning the relevant switches from Off to On. Shortcuts to those folders will then be displayed adjacent to the power switch at the bottom right of the Start menu:

Folders Pinned to Start Menu

Personally, I don’t utilize the Start menu very often – just about everything I access frequently is pinned to the Taskbar.

Do you utilize the Start menu? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “How To Pin Folders To Start Menu In Windows 11”

  1. Jim,

    In my view, Windows 7 had the best start menu. It was downhill after that. I’ve been using a start menu alternative since. When I upgraded to Win 11, I tried the stock start menu but I didn’t like it. The first thing I did was look for a Win 11 compatible start menu/taskbar alternative. Reading this article, it looks like MS has improved the start menu slightly since the Win 11 launch, but I still find it inadequate!


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