How To Give Allowances Through Amazon

If you have any kids (or remember when you were one), then you know what an allowance is. OK, I know that some of us never got one, but the majority of kids received a small amount for helping out in the house or extras around the neighborhood. Now that I’m a parent though, I realize how hard it is to have $5.10 at the end of the week to pay for my “free labor”, a.k.a., kids. I really don’t mind giving them some money for dishes, vacuuming and pooper-scooping, but I never have the exact amount and they don’t keep change ?. Then I found out that Amazon can do it for you. Well, not exactly– you have to set it up first, but the sentiment is there. So, here is this week’s lesson– grab your paper and pen and get ready to learn something new!

How To Give Allowances Through Amazon

Step 1: Log in to your account.


Step 2: Once in, go to the top-right and look for Account & Lists. There are two ways to get to the next screen: one is to click on your Accounts & Lists option at the top, the second is, you will need to hover your mouse over Hello (your account name) and a drop-down list will appear. Choose Your Account from the menu.


Step 3: Now you are on your Amazon Account screen. From here, look under the box named More ways to pay. Under this section you will see Allowances. Click it.

Step 4: Here is the magical screen called Amazon Allowance. I know all you little kids (and big kids) are getting excited, but before you fill this page out, I want to go over all the boxes this page will have you complete:

  • Box 1: Give the Allowance a Title like “Fun Money”, or something else more creative
  • Boxes 2 and 3: Enter the eMail of the recipient and who it is from. We all know that the person you are sending this to needs to know who to thank
  • Box 4: Choose amount you want to give. The default is set at $100 so you might want to adjust it
  • Box 5: Set a frequency for the allowance: Monthly (default), Every 2 Weeks, Weekly, Daily or One-time
  • Box 6: Set a start date for your allowance. This might be nice if you are giving this to your kid for his/her birthday
  • Box 7: Choose which payment method you wish to use for this transaction. You can even add a new card if you want. When choosing the card payment option it will prompt you to confirm the card. To confirm the card, enter the card number and then click the confirm card button

Step 5: So now that you know what all the boxes are for, it is time to fill this baby out. Make sure you are signed in before completing and, yes, if you take too long, you will be asked to sign in again which will clear your form. Once finished, head to the bottom of the page and click the Create Allowance button.

After hitting create you will be sent to the Manage Allowance screen. Also, the recipient will receive an eMail about the transaction. On the Allowance screen you will see the outgoing Allowances. Done!

Who Can Get An Amazon Allowance?

There is one more item I want to cover before heading out. This is an important question that some of you might be asking. Who can I send an Amazon Allowance to? Here is what Amazon’s FAQ page says about that…

Who can I give Amazon Allowances to?

You can give one-time and recurring Allowances to your family, friends, or employees who are age 13 and above. Those under 18 may only use with the involvement of a parent or guardian. You can also give Amazon Allowances to yourself as a way to set aside a budget or save up for shopping on

To learn more about how this works, go to Amazon Allowance.

Using this to give yourself the allowance is a brilliant idea, like Amazon said, this might be an option when trying to keep on budget when shopping on Amazon. Plus, it is an easy way to give your kids some incentive to get those chores done. Now, get in there and start passing out the money (I accept allowances too).

Do you give your kids money for doing chores?

7 thoughts on “How To Give Allowances Through Amazon”

  1. Awesome, thanks for this.
    I hope this works around the world, so I can helps some friends in different countries.

  2. I am dumb founded with no idea what this new world is coming to. We are loosing touch with reality, contact with each other, all for the sake of new technology. Yes, I’m for the old school and there are many advances which I love and enjoy, but this is a step backwards in my profaned honest opinion, Mindblower!

    1. My wife agrees with you on this one Mindblower. I guess writing a card with a check (yes I said check) in it or giving the allowance directly to the kids would be better. On the other side using this to keep you from spending too much on Amazon or sending a little Amazon money to a friend who does not live close is a good thing. If you use technology to enhance your life but not hide from it or from others then that is what this is for. Love your comments Mindblower.

      Jason 🙂

    1. Hi Henry,

      The recipient will receive and email about the allowance. They will be asked to accept it. That is the way it worked when sending one to my brother . If you are using the recipients email associated with their Amazon account it should add it to their Gift Card Balance. If you want to learn more here is the link to Amazon’s FAQs on Allowances . I hope that answered your question Henry.

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