How To Disable Targeted Ads On Facebook

Targeted Ads

The other day my wifie commented how it was strange that the sponsored ads on Facebook changed after she started searching for meal delivery services. I was in the undesirable position to explain that like any company, they are going track you in some way or form to see what you’re interested in. Facebook is not any different than other companies. So, Facebook has a default which allows them to view and keep track of the websites that you go to, even when you’re not on.  This allows them to target their ads and postings to topics you might be interested in. From a marketing point of view, this makes sense– only people who are actually interested in your product get your ads. From a consumer point of view, what the hell! How is it allowed for them to track us and choose what we get to see on Facebook?!? That is right, it was written in the terms and conditions you said yes to when signing up for this site. Who reads the whole thing anyway? If this is a feature you wish to stop, go through these steps and turn it off.

How To Turn Off Targeted Ads On Facebook

Step 1: Sign in to your Facebook account from your computer


Step 2: You should be on your Facebook home page. From here you will need to head up to the top-right and click on the little down arrow. This should be next to the question mark on the top

Step 3: On the drop-down menu you will want to click on the Settings option

Step 4: On the next screen look to the left and from the list click on Ads

Step 5: We are now on the Ads Screen. Here you will be able to control the Ad targeting from Facebook. Look under the Ad Settings section. Click on the Ads on apps and websites off of the Facebook Companies option. This will bring up the information on how this works. The main thing we are here for is turning it OFF. Head down to the bottom and click the YES and change it to NO

Step 6: After turning that one off, I recommend turning off a few more options. Under the Ad settings, click on the top option Ads based on your use of websites and apps. Once this opens up look to the bottom and click on the ON and change it to OFF

Step 7: The last Facebook Ad-tracker to turn off is Ads with your social actions option. Click in the Only my friends and change it to No One

You are now done turning off the targeted Ad tracking features from Facebook. Yes, Facebook will still track you in some way or form but they will not use your search information to target ads to your interest.

Are there other things about Facebook you don’t like which you would like to remove or turn off?

8 thoughts on “How To Disable Targeted Ads On Facebook”

  1. Jason,

    This doesn’t work. I did this months ago and I still get targeted adds, though less of them.

    Just a comment on this particular page, how come my mouse will not scroll on this page? Works just fine on other pages. Have you made a setting to kill the mouse?


    1. Hi Tom,
      Always seems that Facebook still tracks you in some way or form. At least this will tone down the targeted ADs. Here is some of the wording they use.

      “If you don’t allow your Facebook ad preferences to be used:
      You’ll still see ads, but they won’t be as relevant to you.
      You may still see ads for other reasons, such as:
      Your age, gender or location.
      The content in the app or website you’re using.
      Your activity off of the Facebook Companies.”

      The third line that says “you may still see ads for other reasons” is the kicker. Which is the reason you still see some of the ads. But by doing these steps it still will stop the majority of the targeted ads.

      On your other question on the scrolling. No, I do not think we have made a change in settings on our side to affect the mouse. I can scroll up and down and so can my friends.

  2. It’s simpler to use an extension in your browser to remove ads. Read reviews- find one you like that works- done.


  3. Sandra Freeman

    Thank you! I can already see the difference, it was getting to the point that well over half of what appeared on my news feeds were Facebook ads!

    1. Glad this helped you out Sandra. Yes, the news feeds have become all about selling you something if they can. Not the reason i joined and I doubt anyone else joined Facebook for that reason.

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