How To Create The God Mode Folder

Control Panel on Steroids

I came across this a few times in the past but never really fooled around with it. I had it on an older system that conked out on me but haven’t bothered with it since. It involves creating a special folder that provides easy access to almost every feature and function of Windows. It’s like a Control Panel on steroids, and it’s very simple to set up.

Here’s how…

Just right-click on your desktop and choose New, then Folder, and just rename it using the following:


Note: To be sure you get the numbers right, you can copy and paste the above.

This should work for Vista through Windows 10.


And basically, that’s it. You’ll see the folder icon turn into a control panel type icon if done right. Opening the folder gives you a massive amount of options available in one place. Microsoft continuously changes the Control Panel with every incarnation of Windows so maybe this is what they should be shooting for, and maybe it is.


Note: The name doesn’t have to be GodMode. You could use any name but the period and numbers in brackets must follow.

Here is where I left the name just New Folder:


Update: Apparently, according to  one of our readers, Vista 64-bit has problems with the God Mode Folder. See comments below.

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