How To Access Amazon Photos

Last week I was taking pictures with my new phone (yes, I’m still bragging about my new phone πŸ˜‰ ) when it gave me a notice that said, β€œPhotos are backed up.” Since I am a Google user, I never really pay attention to the notices because they are always backed up to Google Photos. But when it let me know it was backed up, it got me thinking where else my photos were going. Then I remembered I also set up Amazon to backup my images/videos. This brought up the question of where I could find my pictures. Since I don’t use the photo service from Amazon that often (or at all), I needed to find it so I could manage my pics. Now that I found this piece of knowledge, I wanted to share it with you. Time to learn where to access Amazon Photos.

How To Access Amazon Photos

I guess the first question before starting the steps is What is Amazon Photos.

What Is Amazon Photos? Amazon Photos is a secure online storage service for your photos and videos.

Every Amazon customer gets 5 GB of free storage to save, share, and access their photos on desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Amazon Prime members receive unlimited photo storage. They also receive enhanced search and organization features. Using the Family Vault, they can invite up to five members to receive unlimited photo storage, and collect photos together. ~ Amazon

Now that we know what it is, how can we access it? There are two ways to access this service: one is through the App and the other is from your Amazon account online using a PC or Laptop. I will show you first on your account online.

Online Account

Step 1: Head to and log in to your account.


Step 2: Now head up to the top right and click on the Hello (name here) link or you might only need to hover your mouse over it. You should now see a drop-down menu. In this menu, look for the “Your Amazon Photos” link. Click it.


Step 3: You should be on your Amazon Photos screen. Here you will find all the photos and videos you have saved to this account. The left side menu will help you navigate your way through the photo storage. You will need to mess around with this but now you know where to find it.


That is how you access on your laptop or PC. Now I will tell you how you can access it on your Android device.

Android Device

Step 1: Turn on the Android device and look for the Amazon Photos App icon. Tap it.


Step 1.2: If you do not have this App on your device, head over to the Google Play store. Open it, find the Amazon Photos App, and then download it. When you first open this App you will need to log in to your Amazon Account to access the photos.


Step 2: Once you have this on your device tap the App to open it. Here you will see every photo or video you have saved to Amazon. As you can see at the top of the picture, it is backing up my photos. They give you a handy menu at the bottom to help you navigate this App. Like with the online version, you will need to mess around with it.


Now you are able to access those photos/videos that you have been saving to your Amazon account.

8 thoughts on “How To Access Amazon Photos”

  1. Thank you for this post and enjoy your new phone. I haven’t been taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s photo storage but thanks to this information, will start uploading today. That the photos are saved in full resolution is important.

    1. You a very welcome Rosemary. Since I already use Amazon for many other things why not use their photo storage. Yes, having them saved in full resolution is very important to me too. Enjoy the storage πŸ™‚

  2. Must be paranoid. Still believe if you upload, it can be viewed by the masses and remain on servers for life, Mindblower!

    1. I knew you would not like this option Mindblower. The storage is very convenient but yes there is always the possibility that someone can access them on the cloud storage. My rule is if you would not show your mother the picture then keep it off the internet. πŸ™‚

  3. William Coleman

    can you update how to access your photos as this method doesn’t seem to work anymore.

    Just spent the last 15 minutes trying to find my videos to no avail.



    1. Hi Bill,

      Yes, you are correct that they updated the way to access the photos section. On the website you will want to look over to the top left under the Amazon Prime logo. You should see a link with a All (Menu 3 lines) menu link. Click it and then from the menu look under the Programs & Features section. You should see under this Amazon Photos and Prints, That will take you to the right section. I hope that is what you were looking for. Jason P.S. I will need to write an updated article for everyone.

      1. Can’t believe I have to search up something that should be straightforward. Such a convoluted route to get to something so simple.


  4. William Coleman


    Thanks for that. They sure buried that in the catacombs.

    I found a much easier way to bring up my photos, at least for me it’s easier.

    I just type: into my browser.

    Thank you for your reply and have a Happy New Year!

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