Grayed Out URL Address In Opera – Solved

A bug in Opera. Seems many people at the Opera forum are having this problem. You type in a web address or a search term in the URL address bar and hit enter and… nothing. The words go gray and that’s it. It happens randomly.

So what I do when it happens, I just high-lite the web address or search term I just typed in, then I right-click on it and then Copy.


Then I right-click again and click on Paste and search (or go). It works for me. Hopefully, the next Opera update will fix this problem permanently.

1 thought on “Grayed Out URL Address In Opera – Solved”

  1. Terry. Have not experienced that problem, BUT, I lost my saved bookmarks on 3 computers. Will limit my bookmarks to just 2 locations. DCT and my email address, which are easy to reinstall, Mindblower!

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