Get 25GB cloud storage + sync FREE from ‘Box’

You may not have heard of Box, I hadn’t until I recently read about this free offer. Box is a cloud storage/sync service, similar in nature to Dropbox. Box is currently offering 25GB storage for free, the normal free quota is 5GB. File sizes are however limited to maximum 100MB.

  • *This offer is for personal use only
  • *I could not locate any information about how long this offer will be available.

Here’s a little information taken directly from the Box site:

Get a Hard Drive in the Cloud: Online Storage

What if the files you need are on your laptop – but you’re on the road with your iPhone? No worries! With Box, you store files online – then access them anywhere, anytime, on any device.

  • Get and Share Big Files – Quickly and Easily
  • Get Mobilized: Box for iPhone, iPad and More
  • Get On the Same Page: Online Collaboration

Much more information is available via the home site here:

To register for your free 25GB + sync account: go to THIS PAGE, fill out the form and then click on the “Continue” button.

12 thoughts on “Get 25GB cloud storage + sync FREE from ‘Box’”

    1. What makes you think that Tom? The promotion page is still live. I’ve just gone through the account setup process myself to check, received an email to “verify” the account within about 30 seconds, logged on and there was 25GB!!

      **At the time of posting this comment, this offer is still available.

      1. Dave, Just went back in and checked.

        Account Information
        Account type: Personal
        Storage (used/total): 0B / 5.0GB 0% used
        Bandwidth used: 0B of 10.0GB
        Max file size: 100 MB — Upload files up to 2GB, view upgrade options

        They want $9.99 a month for 25GB

        Maybe it is because my IP address is in Canada.


        1. Tom, I reckon you must have gone to the wrong page mate. The first link in the article above leads to the normal Home Page. The second link, the one that says…”To register for your free 25GB + sync account: go to THIS PAGE”… leads to the promotion page where you can submit the form to create your free 25GB account.

          Here is a link to the correct page again:

        2. Jim, You are right. Somewhere along the piece I clicked the wrong link. Thanks, Tom

  1. Box Sync doesn’t seem to work with Windows XP. Error message: Box Sync ran into an error while starting. Please contact support for assistance. Uninstalled and reintalled two times, still does not work. Maybe it just doesn’t work with XP.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Every time I try to connect to ‘The Box’. both Internet Explorer and Firefox give me a security warning for the website. I can bypass the warning if I’m sure it’s secure. Why would I be getting this warning? It doesn’t seem to happen to other users.

    Richard Rein
    [email address removed]

    1. No idea Richard. What sort of security warning? What does it say?

      The site is rated Green (safe) by all leading site advisory services. I receive zero warnings from either Firefox or Internet Explorer.

      All indications are that ‘Box’ and its services are perfectly safe.

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