Geek Fact for July 3rd – G4 Cube, Windows and Comets

In 2001, Apple Computer stopped producing and marketing its Power Mac G4 Cube due to disappointing sales.

One gripe many people had with the Cube was its lack of conventional Audio input and output. Instead, it came with an external USB amplifier and a set of Harman Kardon speakers. The Cube was not nearly as successful as Apple had hoped it would be. The Cube was seen as an expensive “luxury” computer instead of a cheaper monitor-less iMac.

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In 1994
, Microsoft released Microsoft Office for NT 4.2.

The Office suite included Word 6.0 [32-bit, i386 and Alpha], Excel 5.0 [32-bit, i386 and Alpha], PowerPoint 4.0 [16-bit], and Microsoft Office Manager, the precursor to the Office Shortcut Bar.

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In 2002, NASA launched CONTOUR (COmet Nucleus TOUR).

CONTOUR’s mission was to study two very different comets, Encke and Schwassmann-Wachmann-3, as they made their periodic visits to the inner solar system. It was the first mission designed to study both the physical and chemical properties of comets.

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