Geek Fact for January 26th

In 1998, Intel launched the 333 MHz Pentium II chip.

It was codenamed Deschutes. It didn’t offer much of a performance boost over its predecessor, a 300 MHZ chip. However, using a new fabrication process allowed for a smaller die size and less power consumption.

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In 1697, Isaac Newton received Jean Bernoulli’s 6-month time-limit problem and solved the problem before going to bed that same night.

In solving the problem, he invented a new branch of mathematics called the calculus of variations.

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In 1895, mathematician Arthur Cayley died.

Cayley made important contributions to many different areas of mathematics — the algebraic theory of curves and surfaces, group theory, linear algebra, graph theory, combinatorics, and elliptic functions. In addition, he formalized the theory of matrices.

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