Geek Fact for April 24th

In 1981, the IBM PC was introduced.

The home computer market was emerging in the early ’80s. IBM had intended this model to be a stop-gap computer that would allow them to quickly tap into this market while taking the time to develop a “real” PC.

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1 thought on “Geek Fact for April 24th”

  1. The birth of the personal computer you say. I owned a TRS-80 (believe) hand held unit, which used a primitive Basic language, very short memory, but an impressive large one line screen (over 16 characters which you could scroll). My main use was in shopping, by comparing prices to the same base volume unit (cross multiply). Only drawback was the limited memory which could not be expanded. You could save /load programs and print (via expansion interface) as well. Those were the days, Mindblower!

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