DCT Xmas Giveaway: Ashampoo Snap 7

[message type=”info”]Winners have now been drawn – and the winning names are:

  1. Cindy S.
  2. Angel V
  3. Grr
  4. Harry G
  5. Cheryl Walker
  6. james pierson
  7. Robert Rozijn
  8. mieszko
  9. Sam Sumner
  10. prought


Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all entrants – wishing everyone all the best for 2014.[/message]

***DCT Exclusive***

Christmas is almost upon us and to help celebrate we have 10 licenses for the terrific screen capture software Ashampoo Snap 7 to give away… expires 29th December

This is the very latest full version of the software, just released on 18th December, which would normally sell for $20.00us and you now have the chance to win a license absolutely free simply by submitting a reply to the article with a comment… Thank you Ashampoo!!

  • We would prefer if you comment about the Ashampoo Snap software
  • If your comment does not appear immediately it’s because first comments must be moderated, it will appear shortly!

Ashampoo Snap 7 – The software

snap 7 banner

Ashampoo Snap 7 is the smartest way to capture screenshots, add notes and annotations and share them with your friends, tech support, whoever.

There are lots of screenshot capture tools available but there is a world of difference between the many run-of-the-mill offerings and a fully professional software such as Ashampoo Snap 7. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that there are only two truly professional screenshot capture tools on the market, and Ashampoo Snap 7 is one of them.

Capture Images AND Video

Ashampoo Snap 7 is a true screen capture software capturing both images and video from anything on your screen as well as providing boundless options to personalize, customize, and share your screenshots.

Ashampoo Snap 7’s capture menu is available from an unobtrusive bar which sits retracted at the top of the screen, in fact it’s so well hidden it took me several moments to locate it. Move your mouse cursor over the bar though and it expands into a clickable menu providing quick access to all your capture options:

snap 7 - now you see me

A textual menu is also available via right clicking on the Shampoo Snap 7 system tray icon.

snap 7 system tray menu

It’s after the capture has been created and we enter edit mode that Ashampoo Snap 7 really comes into its own. Here, you will see options which are only available in a top notch software:

snap 7 editor

From here we can add text, notes, highlights, stamps, shapes, hints, arrows, the list goes on and on. Easily share your screenshots via email or Facebook, print or save to file, upload to cloud, and more. Of course, this is all provided in Ashampoo’s usual intuitive and mostly one-click fashion.

Ashampoo Snap 7 – The giveaway

Competition Rules:

  • To enter: post one reply to this article commenting on the Ashampoo Snap software.
  • The contest ends on 29th December at 00:01 (EST), any entries made after that time will not be eligible for a prize.
  • Your comment MUST be made from a VALID email address – disposable email addresses will not be eligible.
  • Each user is allowed only one entry. In the spirit of fairness abusers of this rule may have all entries removed, be banned from this contest, or banned from future contests.
  • Shorty after the contest ends the winners will be chosen by random number generator as winners of 1 FREE (1-year) license each.
  • Winners’ names will be posted on the original giveaway page. Please be sure to check back on this page to see if your name is added as a winner!
  • Winners will be notified by email at the email address they provided when leaving their comment – be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly.
  • Winners must claim their prize by submitting a contact form which will be available (on this page) once the draw has been completed and winning names published.
  • Winners must claim their license within 7 days. After the seven (7) day period, unclaimed prizes will be distributed at the sole discretion of DCT.

**NOTE: I am going away for several days just after Christmas, heading to Brisbane for the Brisbane Tennis Classic (as a spectator not a competitor). So, winners will be drawn after I get back home on 5th January… sorry about that.

If you’ve never seen a professional screen capture software in action before you’ll be amazed at just how much you can do and how easily Ashampoo Snap 7 lets you do it. Good luck to all entrants and a big THANK YOU once again to Ashampoo!


72 thoughts on “DCT Xmas Giveaway: Ashampoo Snap 7”

  1. Love Ashampoo software! I’m sure Snap 7 is great as well! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  2. I have Ashampoo 6 and would like to upgrade to Ashampoo 7.

    Great products from a great company.

  3. Does the Ashampoo Snap 7 software giveaway valid for those readers in the United States?

  4. Thank you for the review and the giveaway! I’m currently using Ashampoo Snap 6 and I would like to upgrade it.

  5. Thanks for Ashampoo Snap 7 contest it looks better and work better than version 6.

  6. G’Day,
    I use version 6 and find that it is a great piece of capture software, wouldn’t mind getting the updated version 7.


    Merry Christmas and good luck to all.

  7. I am using earlier version (Ashampoo snap 3) and simply amazed with its functions. Definitely Ashampoo Sanp 7 will be far far better than that I am using. I will be lucky if I am selected.

  8. Lawrence Woolley

    I currently use Snap 6 and love it. Each new release is an improvement, even when you think there’s nothing to improve! This is the BEST screen capture software I’ve ever found. Thanks for the opportunity to win a license.

  9. Thanks Jim for offering the new Snap version. I’m still using the older version as well as other freewares such as Greenshot. Hope to win the v7 license.

    Also do enjoy your stay & time in Brisbane. As you will be back on 5th, let me wish you an Advance Xmas & Happy NewYear.

    Bye, Grr

  10. Using Ashampoo since version 5 was released, currently have v6. Would love to win the latest version

  11. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I love to Ashampoo snap 7, I like all the features

  12. Sounds like this software will be great! Enjoy the Brisbane Open, from an ex-BrissieAussie now living in OR, USA

  13. Ashampoo has been washing my compuker for years.
    High Tech for what that geek in u needs.
    Happy Holidays to all CTR members and readers.

  14. Peter and Brenda Mundy

    Thank you Jim, DCT, and Ashampoo for this awesome offer. The programme is fully functional and would be great to use on projects. Would love to work together to create and edit projects for ourselves, our adult children, and our grandchildren and friends.

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