Convert Field Results to Text in your Word Documents

Word 2Fields are one of the most useful features of MS Word!  I think that most of you know that you can use fields to insert anything in your document ranging from a date to the time, to summary information in a document!

There are times though, when you will not want to use a field for information.  For instance, suppose you have a template that includes a field for the current date in it. when you create a document based on that template, the current date will appear in your document. You make changes to your document and save it to a CD. When next you open that document, instead of the original date, it will display the date you opened it.

To remedy this, you will need to change the field contents to plain text prior to saving your file.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Create your new document based on the template. The current date should appear, as it usually does.
  2. Select the date in your document.
  3. Click CTRL + Shift + F9, which will convert the field to actual text. The date has now been changed from a field to real text for the date.
  4. Make any other edits in your document that you like.
  5. Save your document as you normally would.

Now, when next you open that document, the date will be static and will not change!

You can use this method to convert any other field to text as well.

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