Change Any Image into an Animated Gif – online!

The “Gif” image format has a unique quality which isn’t available with other formats such as png, bmp, or jpg… it supports animation. Creating animated gifs is not generally an easy thing to do but I came across a free online service which makes converting static images into animated gifs a breeze. One important note: the site requires Microsoft Silverlight, it will not work properly unless Silverlight is installed on your machine.

The site is provided by “Viscomsoft” and it offers a number of other free online image tools as well… more on that after the main course.

To get started creating your animated gif, head on over to, upload an image (can be any popular format) and select an effect from those on display. Now choose a size and frame rate, and when satisfied click on the download button:

animated gif_guide

It is a very quick process, from go to whoa takes only a minute or two. The choice of effects is, in my opinion, just a tad underdone, I assume others will be added along the way. Here are a couple of examples of the results (please excuse the rough head):

jim_animated gif                      Jim.animated gif 3

(rather unsettling, I know)

As I mentioned earlier, the site also includes other tools, all available from the icon menu across the top of the page:

onlime image tools menu

Just hover your mouse cursor of the icons to reveal what each is for, there are some useful tools among them, including: Photo Collage Maker, Photo Effect Maker, Jigsaw Maker, and Webcam to AVI. I had a little play with Collage Maker and it is very easy and rather effective. Even I managed to create a basic collage in no time at all:

Frazer island collage_resized

The above screenshot has been drastically reduced in size to suit online publication but it should still give you a fair indication. All in all, definitely a site worth visiting:

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