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    How To Configure AutoCorrect Your Way

    Have you ever been working on a document and typing away and you glance up and see a copyright symbol where you really wanted to see (c)? Yes, I get that complaint a lot from users. AutoCorrect is the culprit here. But wait, shouldn’t AutoCorrect make your life easier rather than having you go back […]

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    How To Turn Off Line Numbering In Word

    Line numbering is a great little feature in word.  It is great for legal or research documents. There may be times, however, when you may want to exclude a paragraph from line numbering. Follow the steps below to learn how: Position your cursor in the paragraph that you don’t want numbered. Display the Home tab […]

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    How To Format Captions In Word Documents

    Word includes a captioning feature that will allow you to manually or automatically add captions in your document. These captions are typically placed with tables or other objects to identify them. For instance, you might have a caption such as “Figure 1” that appears below a figure. When you use the captioning feature, Word automatically […]

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    How To Vertically Center Labels In Word

    Word includes a tool that will allow you to quickly and easily set up labels. If you are using labels that have more vertical space than is required for the information you are printing, you may want to vertically center your text within the label. If you create a full sheet of the same label […]

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    How To Adjust Kerning In Word

    Once a font is designed, a certain amount of space is designated for inter-character spacing. This spacing determines how close adjacent characters will be to each other. Unfortunately, not all characters will appear the same width when read on a printed page. Depending on the characters, this may cause an illusion that characters are spaced […]