Off Topic

Bits and pieces that aren’t necessarily tech or computer related.

  • Farewell Lleyton Hewitt

    Yes, I know this bears no correlation whatsoever to computers or technology but I am an avid sports nut so please forgive this indulgence. Following a stellar career spanning 20 years and 878 matches, there is no doubt that Lleyton Hewitt has become one of Australia’s most iconic tennis legends. The little Aussie champ, the […]

  • Do You Speak British or American?

    …two nations divided by a common language… When I started writing articles for DCT a couple of years ago, the team would get together for a Skype session once a week, comprising three Americans, one Australian and a Brit (there’s a joke there somewhere). You can probably tell that I’m the Brit as I use […]

  • David Bowie – A Personal View

    A one man revolution I first became aware of David Bowie in the early 70s whilst serving the last three years of a twelve year boarding school sentence at the age of fourteen when, to have the album was a passport to popularity; a kind of currency if you like. Space Oddity came a little […]

  • Is Argentina a Normal Country?

      Following a dramatic election campaign in Argentina that seemed to go on for ever, including a historic and nerve rattling runoff, President Macri was sworn in last Thursday. If that wasn’t enough drama, the ex president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner refused to attend either the swearing in ceremony or the handing over of the […]

  • Do Gamers Hate Women?

    This picture isn’t really the best representation of gamers, but bear with me; the fact that Wartune is said to be the worst possible example of oversexualisation does matter though, because it’s a fleeting demonstration of how the gaming industry is viewed by many people today. The GTA 5 controversy When GTA 5 was launched […]

  • Where In The World Is Tech Man?

    Since I know all my loyal fans who love reading my articles are probably wondering where I’ve been for the past month, I thought I’d write a little article explaining what I’ve been up to. What has been going on in my world involves great research and tech work, taking on large and small jobs […]

  • Most Inane Study Conclusion Ever plus Where do the Chinese Hide Their Subs

    Is This the Silliest Study Conclusion Ever? News is circulating about scientists from the Netherlands and Canada who conducted a study of the relationship between alcohol consumption and hangovers. The study came to the brilliant conclusion that ‘the only way to avoid a hangover is to drink less’. No sh*t Sherlock!! <source> If ever there […]