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Bits and pieces that aren’t necessarily tech or computer related.

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    A Low Tech Sailing Adventure

    Voyage to Spain Fifteen years ago I was lucky enough to experience the adventure of a lifetime when I sailed my 35′ sailing boat from Wales to Spain via Portugal and Gibraltar. The entire voyage took six weeks and included a storm on the first night off the Isles of Scilly, becalmed in the notorious […]

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    FamilyTreeNow Giving Information Free

    Free Information My late Father dabbled in genealogy and my Father-In-Law enjoys genealogy as well. I am continuing where my Father left off and find it very interesting, as do many other people I am sure. Therefore, when I hear of genealogy sites to gather more information, I listen intently. Imagine my surprise, I had […]

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    Happy New Year from DCT!

    Everyone at Dave’s Computer tips would like to welcome you to the beginning of a new year with all the hopes and anticipation that accompany its arrival. We look forward to providing quality articles which are both useful and entertaining. We all thank you for your continued support and offer our sincere wishes for a […]

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    Top 10 DCT Articles Viewed In 2016

    Top 10 List For the curious, I’ve compiled a list of the most-viewed articles published by Dave’s Computer Tips in the year 2016. I’ll start with number 11, and work my way up (down?) to number 1. Oops! Did you here me say 11 and not 10? That’s because the Daily Giveaway is number two […]

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    A Day In The Life Of A PC Technician – Day 9

    Warning: this article contains no computer tips whatsoever. Pistols at dawn Besides the comings and goings of my troubled customers, the ebb and flow of ordinary life goes on and in the case of the first known residents’ committee meeting was far from ordinary. You see, I rent a shop in a small, dilapidated 1970’s […]

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    DCT Stocking Stuffer Wish List 2016

    Knowing what gifts to buy for those important people in our lives can sometimes seem a daunting proposition, like mission impossible. Our very own DCT writer, Sherri, thought a wish list for Christmas 2016 would make for not only an interesting post but could possibly give some of you ideas for your own “impossible” family […]

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    Youth, Danger, Immortality And Truth

    Youth I grew up on the banks of the St. Croix River in Taylors Falls, Minnesota. The area is a composite of extreme age, exquisite beauty, and invisible danger. Extreme age because the exposed rocks in this area are some of the oldest on the planet. Exquisite beauty made obvious by the above image. And […]