Can’t Place An Order On Temu?

I was trying to place an order for my uncle on Temu. Everything seemed to be going OK until I clicked on the button to submit the order and pay through PayPal. Then I got the following error:

Access Denied.
You don’t have permission to access “/checkoutnow” on this server.
Reference #

I sent an email to the company, no response yet, and tried to work through that automated PayPal support nightmare. Didn’t get through. There was no one available to take my request through their messenger at that time.

I did find a solution myself. I don’t know why but I copied and pasted the URL that was giving me the error message to Notepad++. You can see it’s one of those extra-long addresses. I blurred out most of it for privacy’s sake.

What caught my eye was the first line after the PayPal address that reads “checkout?token=” followed by an 18-digit number. So I decided to copy and paste this part into my browser and see what would happen.

It worked. The payment for the order went through just fine. Got to follow your gut sometimes. 🙂

[Ed note: Temu is an online marketplace.]

9 thoughts on “Can’t Place An Order On Temu?”

  1. I’m not sure who is behind Temu but it seems almost like a clone of the AliExpress site. There are some low introductory bait-priced items which seem like a bargain until you realise you have to buy other stuff to make up a minimum spend. So you have to buy other stuff you didn’t want just to get the low price on the item you did. And you can buy almost everything that is on Temu on AliExpress.
    Personally I’d be a little wary of using Temu until it has matured more as a platform but each to their own.

    1. There is a $15 order limit. And according to the “whois” database, it’s been around since 2003.

  2. Charles David Hadden

    PP should be listed as a Criminal Organization. They are so corrupt and are constantly coming up with new scams to take your money away from you. Also, their claim to protect the customer against the companies is exactly the opposite of the truth. They will protect the company in most given situations.
    One example is a couple of years ago I had ‘Malwarebytes’ for many years and NEVER used auto-pay or reoccurring annual payments. I even had a screen grab of the page showing that I had opted out of PPs annual payment to reinstate MB. They took my money and claimed that I was lying. MB even wrote me and told me that they were very upset at PPs actions but their hands were tied. MB DID eventually reimburse me, but it took months to accomplish.

  3. In the last year I placed 3 orders with Temu for dozens of small items. I received everything that I ordered and am quite pleased with the company.

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