Bitdefender Offers Total Protection in a Box

bd-logo2In today’s landscape of cyber fears and ways to protect ourselves against cyber intrusion, wouldn’t it be nice to see a “one size fits all type solution”. I am talking about a solution that would protect me from internet malware, identity theft and even maybe my own stupidity.

Bitdefender has been around for some time now. The Romanian security company has been creating online protection since 2001. Just like their competitors, they offer several options like Free Antivirus up to Multi-user contracts. Now they offer the Box.

Bitdefender Box

Perhaps we are seeing the fore runner of total security in the “BOX”. The Bitdefender Box provides the same protection you would expect from any Antivirus solution but adds the following features.

  • iOS Protection
  • Network Discovery
  • Privacy protections (data anonymization)
  • Protection for Io T devices
  • Network Vulnerability assessment* (Stated as coming soon on their website)

the box

The Price is Right

If you are not into using the “Free” version of some Antivirus programs you are probably paying anywhere from $39.00 to $99.00 a year for a single or multiple user device license. The Box protects an unlimited number of devices for only $99.00 a year.  Normally priced at $199 a year.  It is not clear if this is a new lower price or a buy it now price but it does state annual price.

What Does It Do.

Unlike most antivirus or anti-malware programs, the Box is a hardware, software combination that sits between your router and devices. It may be controlled by one or more devices that have the Box app installed with the same BOX Account and provides security to any Io T within its protection. That’s right, not just your computer but everything connected to the internet including Smart TVs, smart phones, gaming consoles and even smart appliances like thermostats. Basically, if a device running Apple, Windows or even Linux is using your wired or wireless router to connect to the internet it is protected.

There are some compatibility issues with certain routers. On the Bitdefender website I can only find two ISP providers, AT&T and Comcast the have routers that are incompatible. I am not sure if all devices by these two ISPs are incompatible because the list only includes 13 routers. Additionally there are some steps, like disabling the DHCP server within the router that may make it compatible. It is really just a simple matter of contacting your ISP for conformation.


After connecting the power supply to the box, Connect the Box to your router using the USB cable, sign into your account and you are ready to go. You may even be able to connect directly to the internet without out using a router. box router


Considering that the price is only marginally more than a regular Antivirus program and that it is capable of protecting all Io T devices, I would say it is certainly worth looking into. My only concern is that the software is an initial release and will probably have the bugs that all early releases seem to come with but given the fact that the price may change I think it might be worth taking a chance now.



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