BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate – Free for everybody

LotSoft is currently running a giveaway for its very good BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate software. This is the latest, newly released version (3.0) which would normally sell for $39.95usd and is currently available to everyone for free – NOTE: Offer expires 20th October.

BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is your up-to-the-minute DVD clone software. Unique Sector-to-Sector copy and GPU acceleration technology guarantee a perfect combination of a genuine and fast DVD clone. Unparalleled unlocking ability allows it to access all known DVD copy protections. Handy ISO mounter and DVD burner help you make best use of ISO file via emulating up to 23 virtual drives or burning to disc. All features empower you to backup any DVD on hard drive, or copy DVD to DVD disc with perfect quality within just minutes!

  • Remove All Known DVD Protections
  • Clone Entire DVD to Blank DVD
  • Backup Full Content of DVD to Hard Drive or USB
  • Backup DVD Main Movie only to save space
  • Flexible ISO Mounter & Virtual DVD Drive

To get your free copy go to THIS PROMO PAGE

BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate HOME PAGE

7 thoughts on “BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate – Free for everybody”

  1. (BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate – Free for everybody) No its not!!!
    In your OCT 14 2011 news letter You said (BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate – Free for everybody) and its not! its a free trial just 3 uses, thats all you get. Then you have to pay 39.00 Dollars!!

    1. Yes it is!!!! The offer is absolutely genuine/legitimate, otherwise it would not be published on DCT. YOU must have done something wrong!!

      My guess would be that you haven’t registered the software properly. You must apply the license key which is provided at the time of the giveaway. If you fail to do that, the software will remain in ‘Trial’ mode. Applying the associated license key changes the status of the software from ‘Trial’ to fully operational.

  2. Welcome Mr. Jim…Daves web page has helped me alot here ….Thanx Jim and everybody for free stuff…:)

  3. Jim. You might consider some hand holding next time you offer a great free deal – like inform newbies they need to copy the registration key number prior to d/l the software, so that, when they run it, they can paste the number right away.

    Eager beavers require this mothering, Mindblower! 🙂

  4. Hey MB – You are probably right mate – a sensible and thoughtful suggestion. 🙂

    I might add – attitude dictates. Had Stacey simply reported that he/she had a problem with the software and asked for assistance I would have responded in a completely different manner.

  5. Hey I just have one question, I am using AVG for my virus protection and I am also using anti-malware and spyware terminator for my backups. With those protection could I still get a virus if so how and how could I stop the virus from getting on my computer, well I hope you can answer my question write my back soon.

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