Apple Announces ‘Made for Apple Watch’ Program

AppleWatchSportWhen I visited our local Apple Store for my Apple Watch ‘try on’ appointment a few weeks ago, I tried on the watch I ordered as well as a few other bands.   I ordered the Apple Watch Sport 38mm space grey aluminum case with a black sport band.   I liked the black leather Classic Buckle and the soft pink Modern Buckle. I was considering getting one of them until I found out that the price was $149 and $249 respectively.  For ‘just’ a watch band!  That’s crazy!

Lucky for me, Apple announced its ‘Made for Apple Watch’ program for third-party accessory manufacturers.  Apple issued specific band design guidelines.  Of particular concern is that, when fastened, there is a tight enough fit against the wrist to allow the Watch to read the wearer’s heartbeat.   Also, if the manufacturer wants to be a certified ‘Made for Apple Watch’ designer, magnetic chargers cannot be integrated into the bands.

Currently, only watch bands were addressed as part of this program but this will likely be expanded into other products such as chargers and stands, much like the ‘Made for iPhone’ program.

My Apple Watch Sport came yesterday and I am pretty happy with my black sport band so I am glad I didn’t do anything rash.  Now I’ll be waiting for some third-party ‘Made for Apple Watch’ bands.   They’ve got to be cheaper, right?


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