Aomei Mega Xmas Giveaway

Aomei, in conjunction with its partners, is running a huge Xmas giveaway involving 15 premium products for free. Expires 31st December.

Top of the list are Aomei Backupper Pro, Aomei Partition Assistant Pro, and Aomei MBackupper Proall one-year licenses:

Aomei Giveaway Products

The rest of the software on offer is a mixed bag with varying license durations. So, I’ve curated a list of what I consider to be the picks of the bunch:

Other Freebies:

*To grab any of these freebies you need to visit Aomei’s Biggest Christmas Carnival Giveaway and click the “Get it Now” button associated with any that you want.

NOTE: Most software must be activated before 31st December. Details are contained in a readme.txt file included with the download.

13 thoughts on “Aomei Mega Xmas Giveaway”

  1. Hi Jim. It is always nice that companies can give something back and you are there to pass on the specials, Mindblower!

  2. Jim,
    If I make a backup with AOMEI Backupper Pro will I be able to restore using it after the year is over?

    1. Hey Dan,

      You wouldn’t normally keep image backups for that long. But, yes, you can use the free version – Aomei Backupper Standard – to restore any backups created.

      1. Jim,
        I was thinking of the case where I used AOMEI a month before it expired.
        But now that you mention it, what does their Standard version lack that their Pro version has? Any personal experience or thoughts on how it compares to Macrium Reflect?

        Thanks for your reply and hope you had a happy holiday.

        1. Based on the comparison chart, I see where the STANDARD version does not support a system clone.
          Lately, I’ve been cloning my system rather than performing a differential/incremental backup thinking that I can immediately test my clone by swapping drives. By doing a backup I always run the risk that when I need it the backup may fail.
          Do you have any thoughts on that?

        2. Imaging creates a compressed file so you can save multiple images on a single hard drive. Cloning creates an exact single copy.

          I prefer to image so I have multiple images dating back 6-8 weeks. I have never had any problem restoring an image created by Aomei Backupper, either for myself or for clients. In my opinion, that sort of reliability is the most important factor when choosing imaging software.

  3. Jim,
    The AUDIALS MUSIC website has a ‘buy’ option so why do you say “no code required”?

    1. I didn’t say no code required Dan, I’ve just repeated what it says on the giveaway page. I’m guessing that the giveaway version available from the giveaway page is configured to automatically activate.

      You need to download from the giveaway site not from the Audials website. As per the line at the end of the article:

      To grab any of these freebies you need to visit Aomei’s Biggest Christmas Carnival Giveaway and click the “Get it Now” button associated with any that you want

      1. I assumed DCT actually tested this as a permanent install but from your reply, I guess not; no problem.

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