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Facebook has successfully changed the meaning of a friend. When I grew up a friend was someone I could count on. They had my back and I had theirs. We spent most free time together doing what young boys did. We had fun together and worked through disagreements. 

Facebook has chosen to name someone who has an account that wants to access your posts or you theirs. Not quite what I used to think of as a friend. I now have over one thousand friends on Facebook. 

To be my friend all you have to do is locate my Facebook page and click the Friend button to request to become one. I then get a notification that you are requesting to join in with me. However, there are now people who spoof someone else’s page and request to be my friend. I know them so I used to simply accept the request. Wrong! I then would end up with two accounts for the same person. One was my friend and the other someone pretending to be my friend to attempt to market something to me on Facebook or on Facebook Messenger. 

Here is the method I use to ensure that the friend request is valid.

Valid Friend Request?


I can confirm or delete the request right away. I do not know Juan but I do know those who are mutual friends and could easily confirm because of that. But what if this is a spoofed account? 


I click on the name which is a link.


I click the search button.


A list of names appears and I choose the first one and click the search button again.


I see that I am already friends with him so the new request is probably bogus.


I scroll down and click the Respond to Friend Request…


and choose Delete Request. If he was not already a friend I would Confirm the request.

I hope this helps you to avoid illegitimate friends on your Facebook.


6 thoughts on “Another Facebook Friend Request”

  1. Rosemary Sexton

    Thanks for the search tips. Seems lately I’ve received a number of bogus friend requests – checking new requests out this way will save a lot of time.

  2. Yes, but how do I delete the hundreds of requests without rejecting each one at a time. It would take me a lifetime to do.

    1. Do you really get hundreds? Wow. I have over 1,000 “friends” and get maybe one or two every day or so. Not sure what I would do with hundreds except to ignore them.

  3. I have been searching years for a solution and finally I found the solution on DavesComputerTips. I copied the tip & deleted Daves email. This was less than 90 days ago. Lost my note to myself with the tip and am now trying to find how I can read Daves tips for at least the last 30 days. The tip was how to go to Power Shell in Win10 and print a list of all the Folders in Documents (or all the folders in Pictures, or Videos as far as that goes.) Any suggestion would be welcomed.

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