4 thoughts on “How To Remove Metadata From Pictures”

  1. I found this very interesting and tried it. Not a single picture I clicked on had any information filled in on the top half of the Details page. Disappointing. Perhaps it is my Windows 10 or something.

  2. With XNview, I’ve noticed that whilst most info. is deleted there is still lots of personal stuff still there !Most of the data is gone..but..
    Scrolling down the Properties window in the photo/pix itself, towards the bottom is a “File” tag which still shows the Name, Item, Folder path, Date created, Date Modified, Size..Owner, Computer..

    None of this info has been deleted by xnviewer. It’s still all there! Is this visible to all?

    How does one delete these items?

    As for the Windows way…well I’ve tried and tried and always get errors concerning the GPS info and “to try again” which never works.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Thats just the basic info about the file that can’t be erased. If you right click on any file type you’ll find the same basic info attached. I’m not sure why you can’t do it through Windows right now. If I comes across any info I keep you updated.

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