3 Ways To Turn Off Your PS4

How to Turn Off your PS4

Just the other day my wife asked me if there was more than one way to turn off the PS4. This also came up because of our youngest son turning on the PS4 when the TV is off. Then, when we finally notice, it is in Sleep-Mode. She wanted to know if she could turn off the console without having to turn on the TV or getting a controller out. This got me thinking that there must be some way to do this manually. While there may have been information about this on the PS4 box or perhaps with the instructions, I have lost everything, like all good gamers do.So, I did a little research on this and found out it is pretty easy:

Step 1 and only: Press and hold your finger on the Power button for about seven seconds. It is that simple when you know what to do. If the light is  Yellow/Orange on the top of the machine, it is sleeping/resting and you will need to tap the Power Button for one second before attempting to turn it off. The light on top needs to be blue first.


That is the manual way of turning off your PS4 without turning on your TV or using your controller. Now, since my wife asked me “is there more than one way”, then I figure, why not tell you a few more ways to turn this console off.

Other Ways to turn off your PS4

Dual Shock Controller PS button: You might be thinking, of course you use the controller. Yes, but the PS button on the controller makes it a little quicker.

PS Button

Step 1: Hold the PS button for a second or two at the bottom-middle of your controller (this is my actual controller). This can be done in game or any screen you are on that I have noticed.


Step 2: This will bring up the Quick Menu on your system. Now, select the Power option on the Left and then just click the Turn Off PS4 option on the right.


That is how you do this with the PS button/controller. Next I will show you how you do it from the home screen.

Home Screen

Step 1: From the Home Screen of the PS4, head to the top menu and on the far right select the Power Icon


Step 2: Once you have selected the Power Icon you will see the Power screen. Now you will want to select Power Options at the bottom of the list


Step 3: Next you will see the option to Turn off PS4.  Select it


You now know three ways to turn off your PS4. This is something that will hopefully help you out, especially if you have misplaced your instructions.

Do you know other ways to turn off your PS4?

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