3 Brilliant Videos – Something for Everyone

Video #1 – Poignant and Clever

This first video shows how we as a society tend to steer the female of our species in a stereotypical direction. Produced by Verizon, the video subtly intimates why females might be under represented in the fields of science and technology:


Video #2 – Beautiful and Mesmerizing

This video was created by photographer Vincent Brady and features some of his best “Planetary Panoramas.” The video combines 360 degree panoramic views with night sky time-lapse photography and the overall effect is stunning. Sit back, relax, and enjoy:


Video #3 – Samurai Soccer Skills, Awesome!

Last but certainly not least, a bit of fun. 10 more guys like this one and Japan might have had a chance of taking out the FIFA World Cup. Great skills!




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