The Best is Yet to Come…

Jonathon Ive is now Sir Jonathon Ive, Knight Commander of the British Empire, having received a knighthood yesterday for creating products such as the iPad.

Ive joined Apple in 1992 and, since 1997, he has been Apple’s design guru who was instrumental in the creation of such innovative products as the iPod, iPhone and iPad — products that have revolutionized the music, cell phone and computer industries, to name a few.

In an interview in The Telegraph, Ive discusses how fortunate he is to be doing what he loves.

“It’s great if you can find what you love to do. Finding it is one thing but then to be able to practise that and be preoccupied with that is another.”

His first encounter with an Apple product was with the Mac in college. He considered himself to be computer-challenged and was amazed at how easily he could use the Mac. He realized that it wasn’t him. It was that the other computers he had tried to use “were absolutely dreadful”.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview is when Ive is asked that if he was to be remembered for just one of his Apple designs, which one would he pick.   Ive replies,

“A lot does seem to come back to the fact that what we’re working on now feels like the most important and the best work we’ve done, and so it would be what we’re working on right now, which of course I can’t tell you about.”

That darn Apple ‘cone of silence.’  What is coming next? The Apple TV?  Something else equally cool and innovative? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.




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