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  • PrivDog & Komodia – Worse Threats Than Superfish

    Following fellow author Mark Williamson’s exposé of the Superfish adware pre-installed on Lenovo PCs (Lenovo Distributes Adware on New PCs), news is coming to hand of further instances of Superfish-like intrusions. The most concerning aspect of the more recent revelations is that these intrusions are reportedly even worse than Superfish and emanating from reputable security […]

  • Lenovo Distributes Adware on New PCs

    In a slightly ‘believable’ turn of events, Lenovo, the world’s No.1 in PC distributions according to Wikipedia have been caught distributing adware on their new laptops, straight out of the box!. The adware, called Superfish, apparently injects third party ads on Google searches and other websites, all without the users permissions. If that weren’t bad […]