How To Merge Cells In Your Word Table

Table Editor

Word contains a table editor that will allow you to create complex tables. One of the handier features allows you to merge adjacent cells together. Merging cells means that the adjacent cells are thereafter treated as a single cell, even though they did not start as one. If your cells are on the same row or in the same column you can merge them together.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Select two or more adjacent cells, on the same row or same column of your Table, that you would like to merge.
  2. In the Table Tools Layout conditional tab of your Ribbon, in the Merge group find and click on Merge Cells . Word will join the selected cells.


You can also easily perform cell merging using the Eraser tool:

  1. In the Design tab of your Ribbon (visible only when your cursor is in a table) in the Draw Borders group click on the Eraser. Word changes your cursor into an eraser shape.
  2. Clicking your cursor on a line between cells will delete the line and merge the cells. Clicking and dragging your cursor across lines will also delete them.

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