How To Add Folders To OneDrive

OneDrive-LogoI’ve been using OneDrive for several years now, because you get 5GB of free storage, added to which I got an extra 30GB free when I acquired a Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone. But that extra storage only lasted for three years, so I was juggling space between OneDrive, Google Drive (15GB free), and Dropbox (2GB free) and always running out of space. Then last month, completely out of the blue, my brother invited me to join his Office 365 Family plan with 1TB of storage and of course access to the full suite of Microsoft Office programs. Naturally, I accepted and can now sync all my files without worrying about running out of space.

(Ed note: It was brought to my attention that not all OneDrive versions include the option of synching the Desktop. This article will emonstrate a workaround example.)

Add Folders To OneDrive


The simplest way to add folders to OneDrive is to simply copy or move that folder into the main OneDrive folder and then it will be synced. However, the other day I needed to sync my wife’s desktop for her account because it’s like an icon jungle and that’s the way she likes it. Furthermore, you can’t go moving a user’s desktop location wherever you want, as far as I know, but there is a command-line you can use.

mklink /j “%UserProfile%\OneDrive\Example” “C:\Example Folder”

Substitute Example with the folder you wish to create in OneDrive and Example Folder should be expressed as the full path to that folder. For example, Desktop would be:



That’s quite a simple operation and results in your desktop always being synced with OneDrive. If you wish to cancel that operation, simply delete it from your OneDrive folder, but that won’t delete it from the source.

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