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    New Privacy Rules For The Internet

    We Are Still Watching You! Just a few weeks ago, I mentioned that using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help keep your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from spying on your activities and selling some of the information to others.  It is just one good reason to use VPN but many users do so just […]

  • How To Use TOR to Surf Anonymously

    What is TOR? Tor is a free software browser that is designed to defend against traffic analysis. Traffic analysis is a fancy way of saying that there are individuals and organizations who monitor your internet traffic and use that information in many ways. By knowing where the traffic originates and where it ends up, others […]

  • 2015: The Bizarre & the Brainless

    Technology and stupidity do not make for a good a good mix in the criminal world. Here are some of the most bizarre and stupidest incidents during 2015. Man Busted for Killing His Computer April, 2015 – It’s possibly something many of us have felt like doing but never carried through. Following an incessant and […]

  • Ghostery Adds New Sneaky Promotional Messaging System

    Ghostery is a popular privacy/anti-tracking add-on supporting major web browsers, including both Firefox and Chrome. However, Ghostery has not been without its critics and has elicited a fair amount of controversy along the way. A recent update to Ghostery for Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox introduces a new option that is almost certain to add […]

  • Recent Updates Escalate Data Collection in Windows 7 and 8.1

    Much has been written about the data collection and privacy concerns in Windows 10. Now, reports are circulating about 4 recent KB updates which purportedly escalate data collection in Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, presumably to similar levels of those in Windows 10 – view more information regarding these updates at gHacks here: Microsoft intensifies […]

  • Windows 10, Are They Watching Us?

    Lately, I have seen a lot of discussion about Windows 10 exposing your personal information to the cloud and thereby exposing you to invasion of that information.  Add that with the fear that Wi-Fi Sense will expose you to more threats than ever before and you have “Public Concern”, but how much of any of […]

  • How To Avoid Identity Theft

    Security expert and investigative journo Brian Krebs has recently published his thoughts on the seemingly incessant data breaches and what you can do to help avoid becoming a victim of identity theft – including his take on credit monitoring and security/credit freezes. When somebody with Brian’s credentials offers advice in this area, it’s well and […]

  • How To Setup Skype Desktop for Enhanced Privacy

    One of the most installed programs worldwide is the Skype desktop client and, while this ubiquitous software has changed several times over the years, fortunately, the current version includes a good collection of settings to help manage your privacy. You’re probably never going to achieve 100% privacy but here are:- Three Steps to a Safer […]