December 2012

Geek Fact for December 31st

In 1974, Popular Electronics released its January issue, featuring the Altair 8800 computer on its cover. Two years later, Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems (MITS) announced that it had shipped over ten thousand Altair 8800 kits worldwide thus far. Learn more at

Geek Fact for December 30th

In 1924, 
astronomer Edwin Hubble announced that Andromeda was another galactic system outside the Milky Way. Originally thought to be a nebulae, Edwin Hubble was able to resolve images that showed individual stars. Learn more at

Geek Fact for December 26th

In 1982, Time Magazine awarded its annual “Man of the Year” to the personal computer, The first non-human to receive the honor, the magazine described the choice as 1982′s “greatest influence for good or evil.” Learn more at

Geek Fact for December 25th

In 1741, astronomer Anders Celsius introduced the Centigrade temperature scale. Anders Celsius originally used 0 for the boiling point of water and 100 for the freezing point. After his death in 1744, the scale was reversed to its present form. Learn more at

Geek Fact for December 24th

In 1893, 
Henry Ford completed the construction of his first usable gas motor. At the time, Henry Ford was the chief steam engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company. Learn more at

Geek Fact for December 23rd

In 2008, Distribution Video Audio, Inc. shipped its final truckload of VHS tapes, marking the end of the VHS format. In the era of the VCR, JVC’s VHS format was much more popular than rival Sony’s Betamax format. Learn more at

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