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  • A Day in The Life of a PC Technician – Day 4

    Thursday Just as I was still settling into my relatively new abode of two years, eleven months and twenty six days, it dawned on me over my second coffee of the morning that the landlord of my computer shop still hadn’t replied to my counter-offer of the previous week, which left me with the impression […]

  • Random Images – Humor in Tech (and life)

    Here’s another collection of humorous images either compliments of or inspired by MajorGeeks, DCT’s recommended download site: Acute joke. Maybe a tad obtuse? A looong wait… How far should you backup? The virus you have when you’re not having a virus… Customer service – another looong wait! Internet – USA style Parenting hack… revenge of […]

  • Random Photos – Humor in Tech (and life)

    Here we are with another set of random photos courtesy of our recommended download site MajorGeeks: Beware the cold and calculating Al-Gebra! Because remembering names like “Yahee”and “Goggle” is always useful, right? Fixed everything? I can’t see a roof rack anywhere! That free internet must really sound good! Top notch covert surveillance – because criminals […]

  • Swedish “Genital” Video for Kids – Shock, Horror!

    A children’s show produced by Sweden’s public service broadcaster SVT recently released a music video for its “Snoppen och Snippan” [penis and vagina] song to coincide with the premiere of its new season. Since the show chose to illustrate the bouncy, catchy track with a pair of dancing cartoon genitals, the video made headlines in […]

  • When Does Forum Moderation Become Censorship?

     So you want to be a moderator? Do you know how many would-be dictators are out there, masquerading as forum administrators and moderators? If you have any experience of online forums you’ll probably know that the administrator is the all seeing eye with God-like powers and moderators are their anointed servants with powers only limited […]

  • It Must Be Christmas – LOL

    Once again, this collection of images is either compliments of, or inspired by, MajorGeeks… DCT’s recommended download site: A modern Christmas. The mind boggles! Ouch!! Christmas in Oz – and you thought there was no such thing as the sandman! Clever neighbor – nuff said! Not that much of a surprise really Rare pic of […]

  • Anything to Declare Sir?

    Business or pleasure? Something for the weekend sir? Remember the good old days when aeroplanes used propellers, cabin crew were air hostesses, your coffee was served with silver service and when you finally reached your destination several weeks later, passport control and customs treated you with the respect you deserved as opposed to a suspected international […]

  • Time Saver: Gift Wrapping 101 (video)

    It usually takes me around 10 minutes to wrap each Christmas gift, and they still end up resembling a pack of poo ticket. Apparently, this is how it should be done:   Remarkable! I believe this may be one talent which is specifically reserved for the female of the species… of course, I could be […]

  • More Random Photos – Humor in Tech

    Build your own computer desk – all you need is a few old PCs, plus… what is that, a door? Try a Reboot? Speaks for Itself! Who’s the Boss? One Upmanship? *Once again these images, or ideas for the images, are courtesy of MajorGeeks, DCT’s recommended download site.