Top 10 Most Viewed DCT Articles In 2018

Top 10 In 2018

Despite big news on the Windows 10 front, the most-viewed Dave’s Computer Tips articles reflect other areas of interest.

For your enjoyment, this is a recap of what interested you most during 2018:

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1 – How To Change Facebook Language Back To English 61,233 Terry Hollett
2 – How To Rename Files/Folders In Sequential Number Order 44,053 Alan Wade
3 – Is Reimage Repair Legitimate? 41,312 Jim Hillier
4 – 3 Ways To Turn Off Your PS4 35,291 Jason Shuffield
5 – Convert hardcopy document into Editable Digital Document 34,123 Jim Hillier
6 – Windows 10 Won’t Sleep – Solved! 29,180 Richard Pedersen
7 – How To Change Twitter Theme Colors 23,588 Jason Shuffield
8 – How to Cast iPhone To Windows Computer 20,158 Marc Thomas
9 – Life360 Family Locator Review 16,701 Sherri Meinke
10 – How To Set Up, Change Your Amazon Video PIN 13,704 Jason Shuffield

There you have it– the most-viewed articles of 2018. DCT served up an incredible 1.48 million page requests during the year. This number includes articles that were published prior to 2018– oftentimes, older articles remain interesting and useful long after you might think otherwise.

We expect 2019 to be another big year for Microsoft news and hope to bring many more Windows hints, tips, and tricks, as well as entertaining and informative articles, and maybe a few opinion pieces sprinkled into the mix in the months to come.

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