The Most Important Thing

I’m going to show you how to do the most Important Thing that you can do online. Waste time. Warning: some of these sites might actually be useful.

Starting with the Top option of watching grass grow.

Watching Grass Grow


Too much for you? Then relax by putting together a few puzzles.

Daily Jigsaw Puzzles


When you sign up for services online you usually need to supply an email address but maybe you don’t want to use your own. How about an address that lasts only 10 minutes?

10-Minute Mail


Ever play the lottery? Don’t know which numbers to play? Try this random number generator.

Random Number Generator


Don’t know what to eat? Can’t think for yourself? Blame the Internet and then go to this random recipe generator.

Random Recipe Generator


Turn your picture into a poster here.



This one I’ve used a few times. To help you find that missing manual that you’ll never read anyway.

Manuals Lib


For all Trump haters.

Push Trump Off A Cliff Again


Ever wonder how many people were in space at any given time? At the time of this writing, three. Not very popular with the tourist. ūüôā

How many people are in space right now


Want to play some old fashion SNES games?

Retro Super Nintendo Games


And finally, do you want to learn how to speak Minion? Just type in what you want to translate and click on the Translate It! button. Too bad the site doesn’t actually voice it out. The eyes on either corner of the website will follow your mouse.

Minion Translator


Now, let’s get back to the important things and watch the grass grow.

About the Author

Terry Hollett

Terry is a self-taught computer aficionado, who after being exposed to Windows 3.1 in the early 1990's devoured every book and magazine on the subject he could get his hands on. A published author with over 20 years' experience building and servicing computers for friends and family he started his first website in 2002 at Hit Any Key.


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