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  • A Flashback isn’t a Good Thing

    Apple’s operating system, Mac OS X, has long had the reputation of being invulnerable to viruses or any other malicious attacks.  Then along came the Flashback attack that affected over a half million Macs. According to an Apple press release, Apple released a Java update on April 3rd that fixes the Java security flaw for […]

  • DNSChanger: Is your computer infected?

    DNSChanger is Trojan horse malware which effectively modifies DNS settings to those of rogue servers which then redirect legitimate searches and URLs to malicious sites in order to steal personal information and generate illicit ad revenue. The DNSChanger malware was first discovered around 2007, it has since been widely distributed in a variety of forms […]

  • Comodo Cleaning Essentials: portable malware cleaner+

    Comodo recently released its contender in the malware scanner/remover type software department. Yes, it’s free and what’s more it’s portable – don’t ya just love portable!! Comodo has also added an interesting and innovative component called KillSwitch, which makes CCE rather unique and sets it apart from competitors. Here is what Comodo has to say […]

  • Emsisoft Anti-Malware Free – the ‘forgotten’ alternative?

    These days, whenever discussions turn to cleaning infected computers there are two names which are mentioned regularly and often – Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and SUPERAntiSpyware. No doubting both these free scanner/removers are excellent choices but there is another contender here which seems to be, to a certain extent anyway, the ‘forgotten’ alternative. There was a time […]

  • Beware the latest email scam – malware!

    The latest scam being utilized to propagate malware involves emails purporting to emanate from an official postal service. The emails include an attachment of course, and that is where the malware lurks. I was first notified of this latest scam just a couple of days ago by a very good friend who lives in Victoria, […]

  • Almost 50% of malware infections are user initiated

    According to the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report released very recently, 45% of all malware infections are propagated per medium of social engineering techniques. These are the threats which trick users into running a malicious program and rely heavily on user interaction. Not far behind is malware inflicted by maliciously taking advantage of the Windows […]