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  • How To – IDE To USB Adapter

    I have a bunch of old IDE hard drives. I needed a good adapter to hook them up to my computer so I ordered a new one on eBay. I found this one: IDE SATA to USB 3.0 SATA 3 Cable Adapter Converter for 2.5″ and 3.5″ Hard Drives. It’s simple to use. I had […]

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    How To Use An Avast Bootable USB

    I was working on someone’s Windows 10 laptop that kept going to a BSOD Critical Process Died. I couldn’t get into Safe Mode and the Reset options wouldn’t work. All the built-in options from Windows: Startup repair, SFC, DISM, system restore, and chkdsk– none worked. It was suggested online that it might be a virus. […]

  • Apple’s Takeback Program

    Due to safety concerns over some 3rd-party USB power adapters, Apple recently announced a takeback program. You can drop off a 3rd-party iPhone, iPad or iPod USB power adapter at any Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider to have them dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way. If you need a replacement adapter,  you […]

  • Zentimo xStorage Manager – Christmas Giveaway

    Zentimo xStorage Manager is an advanced USB eSATA device manager which would normally sell for $29.90 usd: Zentimo offers a new way to manage your USB & eSATA devices. While it solves many external drive related problems in Windows, it also gives more control and makes working with external drives fun & pleasure. Fast & […]

  • Create multiboot USB drives with YUMI

    I’ve accumulated a fair few bootable utilities over time; tools to help identify and clean malware from non-bootable systems, diagnostics tools, drive wipers, etc – I’ve also dabbled with various Linux distros. In the past I’ve always burned the downloaded ISO file to CD/DVD and booted each one from individual discs. So, the concept of […]

  • How to use TrueCrypt

    TrueCrypt is a very powerful program that you use to create virtual encrypted disks (which are basically just files on your hard drive that can be mounted as if they’re disks, complete with unique drive letters). You can also encrypt entire partitions or hard drives and encrypt entire USB flash drives. For most people, a […]