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    How to Format Multiple Word Documents

    You may have wondered if there is a method where you could format multiple documents so that they will be formatted uniformly because it is often difficult to work with documents when they are formatted differently. The one way that you can make this happen is by using Styles. I know, I know, I heard […]

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    How to Use Outline View to Navigate a Word 2010 Document

    If you employ Styles in your Word 2010 document (and I hope you do!), and have your document organized with headings defined by Word, you can use the Outline view to move through your document. For example, suppose you have a rather large document and you would like to move quickly to a certain part. […]

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    How to Change Word 2010 Styles

    Even though you have already defined a style in your Word 2010 document, you can still change it at any time you like. Follow the steps below to learn how: Display the Home tab of your Ribbon. In the Styles group, click the small arrow on the bottom right to display the Styles pane. Find […]

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    How to Find Your Styles in Word 2010

    If like me, you use defined styles in your documents, you may be surprised to learn that there is a very robust search in Word that will allow you to find defined styles within your document. Follow the steps below to learn how: On the Home tab of your Ribbon, in the Editing group, click […]

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    How to Use the Style Area in Word 2010

    All Word documents contain styles, even without you manually applying one to a paragraph. When you open a new blank document it is based on the Normal style. Microsoft Word will show you which style you are using in each paragraph in your document. I find it very useful when editing a document because then […]

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    How to Use Styles in Word 2010

    Using Styles in Word allows you to apply formatting that you have defined to blocks of text in your documents. Most of the folks I train are terrified of Styles in Word. Having said that, once I show them what a time saver they are, they use them all the time! Suppose you could create […]

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    How to Use the Organizer to Manage Styles in Word 2010

    Styles make your life so much easier because you create a document once and then you always have it at your fingertips, formatted exactly to your standards for any particular use. Styles are like creating an exemplar for how you want your document to be formatted, your font color, size, spacing, margins, etc. Once you […]