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    How To Create A New Firefox Profile

    If more than one person is sharing your version of Firefox, you can set up individual profiles to keep your user information separate from the others. Firefox Profiles In the search bar type run. Then, in the Run box, type firefox -p This starts up Firefox’s Create Profile Wizard. Just click on Next. Here you […]

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    How To Change Your NetFlix Profile Image

    If you haven’t noticed, Netflix has expanded their inventory of profile images, or as they like to call them, “Icons”. When I first started using this service I only had a few choices for my profile image. If you know me, this makes me very sad since I love to customize everything or at least […]

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    How To Backup All Major Browser Profiles

    Backup Your Browser Profiles These days it is important to back up your browser profiles and settings. Internet browsers are becoming the go-to programs these days for accomplishing most everything. We use them to access our bank accounts, create and edit our web sites, backup all our software and other data, process spreadsheets and other […]