How To Change Your NetFlix Profile Image

If you haven’t noticed, Netflix has expanded their inventory of profile images, or as they like to call them, “Icons”. When I first started using this service I only had a few choices for my profile image. If you know me, this makes me very sad since I love to customize everything or at least choose something that reflects my personality. Then one of my boys pointed out that I could change my image to something new! The one thing he didn’t mention was how many options I had (way more than I expected). Some of you may not even know that you can update this on your account. So, let me walk you through how this process is done, plus show you what they have added. Sit back and open up Netflix, because it is time to add some ‘tude to your account.

How To Change Your Netflix Profile Image

I will be showing  you how to do this is on a Roku TV. This should work close to the same way on other device Apps.

Step 1: Log in to your Account


Step 2: Once you are in, you should be on this screen. From here, head to your account icon and select the edit pencil under your name


Step 3: Now we are on the Edit Profile page. From here, select the second option called Icon


Step 4: Here is where you get to choose a new look. As you can see at the top, it shows the last choices you made. Plus, it offers you the Classic icons that it offered before. If you scroll down, you will see all the new choices they offer. This might be a little different on every account depending on what you have been watching. I’m going to choose the cop from the Netflix movie Bright for this article



Step 5: Once you have selected the new image, you will end up on this screen. Here, they will show you the Current Icon and the New one. If you are happy with your choice, select the button labeled Let’s Do It


Step 6: The last thing to do is select DONE


Now you can add a little attitude to your account. What character from your favorite show would you choose as your profile image?

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  1. Thanks Jason, always wondered about that, wasn’t crazy about mine, now I will be.

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