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  • Ain’t nothing but a G Drive baby

    Google is gearing up to take to the sky, according to the Wall Street Journal that is. It’s a case of better late than last. While Dropbox has been offering users free cloud storage since 2007, Google considered releasing a cloud drive that year as well. There’s no telling how different the cloud computing game […]

  • Google’s new Privacy Policy – good or bad?

    Last week Google announced its revised Privacy Policy which subsequently caused quite a stir in technical circles. The new policy will not take effect until 1st March 2012 so, if you are not happy with the revised blueprint you still have a full month to seek out and organize alternative services. First off I should […]

  • Let Me Google That For You

    Have you got friends who are constantly emailing questions to you, and it seems they are too lazy to search Google for answers themselves? Here’s a neat way to send them a subtle hint that they too have the power to utilize Google search – it’s called Let Me Google That For You. Go to […]