The Lighter Side Of Google

Google is sometimes described as the deepest pit of evil that makes even the devil blush, or is that Facebook? ­čÖé But Google has its lighter side.


1. Do A Barrel Roll

Most of what I’m suggesting here doesn’t seem to work directly on Google– it probably did at one time. This one does. If you go to Google and in the search bar type: do a barrel roll

The Google search page will do a 360-degree flip.


2. Google Backwards – elgoog.

This one doesn’t seem to work directly on Google. Typing Google backward or elgoog is supposed to turn the search results backward. Instead, you have to go to to see this effect. The actual search doesn’t seem to work. It only seems to take you to a page that has other tricks like this one, feel free to check them out.


3. Zerg Rush

This one does not work directly. When you searched for zerg rush, little circles are supposed to drop from the top of the page and you’re supposed to click on them to zap before they destroy the page. Try this page instead:


4. Google Doodles

Sometimes Google replaces their logo with a doodle. You can see all of them on this page.


5. Google PacMan

Sometimes they replace their logo with games. Remember PacMan?. I found this one annoying when it came out. I had a bad case of the flu with pinkeye on top of that. And people kept calling me, thinking their system was infected. You can still play by going to

Just click on Inset Coin and use your arrow keys.


6. Funny Search

Go to, type in your name and then click on Submit. Now the Google-like logo changes into your name. And it’s somewhat functional as a search engine. I don’t know how long this will stay there but I did mine a few days ago, and it’s still there at


I know you can do things like translate, figure out exchange rates, etc, but I was more interested in the waste of time and let’s not get to the serious aspect of Google. This is how evil corporations control us. But I’ve said too much. So, what is your favourite Google trick? List it in the comments even if it doesn’t work directly anymore.

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