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  1. Very informative article Daniel. Happy to see you reported on the Chrome / Google plot (so to speak):). Also nice that you gave a plug for Firefox (Waterfox for 64 bit) as it does respect user privacy, Mindblower!

    1. I’ve been a huge fan of Firefox almost since its inception. Unfortunately, I’ve begun having massive problems with it, like a significant percentage of videos not displaying, other missing content, and GoogleMaps problems. I’m at the point where it’s too much trouble to keep jumping over to Edge, so I’m mostly using Edge, but keep Firefox open for Facebook because I so value its Facebook container app.

      Edge creeps me out almost as much as Chrome and it is not without downsides. The Edge Reading view just shifted to vertical columns with a horizontal scroll. TERRIBLE! Firefox Reading view is flexible and awesome. But Edge doesn’t jam up with nearly as many “disable Ad-blocker” restrictions. (I would happily allow ads if they weren’t so intrusive and confusing on most pages.)

      Anyone else having these problems with Firefox? I see it just updated to version 63.0, so maybe that will solve most of the problems.

      1. Sharon, thank you for reading the article and for posting your experience. You actually touched on the subject for another article. I was recently experiencing many similar problems of bad behavior with Firefox. For example, the reCaptcha anti-bot checker would not load in my primary browser profile. I even tried disabling all of my browser extensions (addons) to see if it would fix things. It didn’t. Yet, in my “clean” FF profile, everything seemed to work. So, I completely uninstalled Firefox, rebooted, and reinstalled the latest version. It worked. All the problems suddenly were gone. I recommend you try the same. If you have any browser extensions, you might want to make a list or a screencapture of the addons page so you know which ones to reinstall after reinstalling FF. Let me know if this works for you, too.

        1. Daniel, thanks for the suggestion to reinstall. I ripped it out by the roots via Revo Uninstaller, getting all folders and registry content then reinstalled. I keep extensions to a minimum, so that was no problem. What I forgot to do was to export favorites. Fortunately, I’d recently imported them all to Edge, so sent them back again. That took several minutes to move them out of the “imported from Edge” folder into sight on the Favorites bar, edit them to remove text and snag the favicons, but no big deal.

          Things do seem to be working more smoothly. Fingers crossed!

      2. Sharon, thank you for sharing your experience with Firefox. You actually touched on the subject of a future article. I recently had issues with FF similar to your own. Videos wouldn’t load, reCaptcha would load, etc. I suspected something was breaking javascript. To make a long story short, I uninstalled FF, reboot the machine, then reinstalled FF, then my browser extensions (addons). Low and behold, the Fox was running on all cylinders again. You might try doing the same. If you have browser extension installed, be sure to make a list so you can reinstall them after reinstalling FF. Let me know if this works for you!

    2. I was an early adopter of Waterfox back when it first began. In the early days of Waterfox, was a college student using the 32-bit version of Firefox to convert and render a 64-bit version, as I recall. It was a slow, buggy process and Waterfox was always several versions behind the latest version of Firefox which left users susceptible to privacy/security issues that had been patched in more recent version of FF. The Waterfox project has improved vastly and grown a following over the years.

      But, with Mozilla providing it’s own official 64-bit version of FF, users can add a couple of extensions to tighten up privacy/security from the standard issue. For my purposes, at least, I just don’t see the need to use Waterfox any longer. But, it is nice to still have the alternative.

        1. No problem Daniel. I left Firebox and keep returning to it on occasion, but prefer Waterfox. Most of the extensions were for security (add blockers), but AdGuard works with basically all browsers, so no need to install extensions to different browsers. Might be right with the speed of the initial load, but Waterfox is catching up and believe will surpass Firefox, Mindblower!

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