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    Top 10 Tech Gifts For Everyone

    Gifts For Everyone With the holidays here and all of my kids asking for tech gifts, including me (yes, my 11-m.o. daughter is very advanced for her age), I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about the must-have tech gifts for any occasion. No matter the  time of year, there […]

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    20 Best Tech Gifts For 2017

    With this being my 100th official article with Daves Computer Tips I have decided to write one that’s fun. Not only will this be my 100th article, but this month I turn the big 4-oh. Yes, this Tech is at the top of the hill but we all know the downhill part is the most […]

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    7 Father’s Day Tech Gifts for 2017

    Father’s Day Gifts It is that time of year again when Dad is finally celebrated… Father’s Day! As a father myself it is nice to have my kids bring me cool drawings, hugs/kisses and other stuff like that. But all of us tech dads really want our kids to bring us is some awesome tech […]

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    8 Best Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day

    Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day With Mother’s Day right around the corner I thought it was time to help you find the perfect gift she will love. All year long, Moms put up with a lot crap from their children. Don’t act like you are perfect, we all know what you did last summer. Knowing your […]

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    7 Best Geek Gifts For Early 2017

    Geek Gifts Yes, It is that time where the holidays are over and the tax refund is hopefully coming in. What should you do with some of that extra money? Glad you asked! If you know me, you know I love finding cool tech/geeky gadgets to buy for yourself or someone else. With this little […]

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    DCT Stocking Stuffer Wish List 2016

    Knowing what gifts to buy for those important people in our lives can sometimes seem a daunting proposition, like mission impossible. Our very own DCT writer, Sherri, thought a wish list for Christmas 2016 would make for not only an interesting post but could possibly give some of you ideas for your own “impossible” family […]

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    10 Best Tech Gifts For Dad

    Yes! It is that time of year where you give and receive gifts. We all know the one person in the family who is the hardest to shop for… DAD. Since I’m Dad, I thought it would be great to write an article on the subject hoping this will help my kids to find that […]

  • 10 Best Tech Gifts for Your Christmas 2015

    Christmas is almost here so it is time to find that perfect tech gift. We all know it’s a pain to find that perfect gift for the techie in your life. If not for them for yourself. The time it takes to search through all those stores or even online can just suck. Especially when […]